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NIN Verification + Face Match (ONLINE)


URL: https://credequityapi.com/CredOcr/api/v1/VerifyNinWithFace

Description: This verification service checks the authenticity of a supplied Nimc card and authenticity of the supplier through face verification.

Response Parameter Type Description
Description String This is a description of the response received
"IdentificationProof”: "base64string",
"FaceProof”: "base64string"
Response sample: 200
  "Message": "Successful",
  "apiVersion": "v1",
  "data": { 
     "ReferenceCode": null, 
     "verificationData": { 
        "Country": "NG", 
        "SelectedType": "string", 
        "DocumentNumber": "string", 
        "IssuedDate": "2017-11-02", 
        "ExpiryDate": "2022-11-01", 
        "Dob": "1992-12-25", 
        "FirstName": "GIDEON EMMANUEL", 
        "LastName": "OKHAKUMHE", 
        "FullName": null, 
        "DeclinedReason": null, 
        "DeclinedCode": null
     "verificarionResult": { 
        "IsDoumentNo": "1", 
        "IsExpiryDate": "1", 
        "IsIssuedDate": "1", 
        "IsDateOfBirth": "1", 
        "IsName": "1", 
        "IsDocumentVisibilty": "1", 
        "IsDocumentCorrectness": "1", 
        "IsGender": "1", 
        "IsDocumentCountry": "1", 
        "IsSelectedType": "1", 
        "IsDocumentMustNotExpire": "1", 
        "FaceOnDocumentMatched": "1"
  "error": null

     "VerificationData": [
        "Country": "string"
        "SelectedType": "string"
        "InputedDocumentNumber": "string"
        "InputedIssueDate": "string"
        "InputedDob": "string"
        "InputedFirstName": "string"
        "InputedLastName": "string"
        "DeclinedReason": "string"
        "DeclinedCode": "string"

     "VerificationResult": [ 
        "DocumentNumber": "string",
        "ExpiryDate": "string", 
        "IssuedDate": "string", 
        "DateOfBirth": "string", 
        "Name": "string", 
        "DocumentVisibility": "1", 
        "DocumentProof": null, 
        "DocumentCorrectness": "1", 
        "Gender": "1", 
        "DocumentCountry": "string", 
        "SelectedType": "string", 
        "DocumentMustNotExpire": "string", 
        "DobProof": "string", 
        "FaceProof": "string", 
        "GenderProof": "string", 
        "AuthorityProof": "string", 
        "LastNameProof": "string", 
        "FirstNameProof": "string", 
        "SignatureProof": "string", 
        "IssuedDateProof": "string", 
        "ExpiryDateProof": "string", 
        "NationalityProof": "string", 
        "CountryCodeProof": "string", 
        "DocumentTypeProof": "string", 
        "PlaceOfBirthProof": "string", 
        "DocumentNumberProof": "string", 
 "error": null
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