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NIN Service by Phone Number (ONLINE)


URL: https://credequityapi.com/CredNin/api/v1/Identity?phoneNo=08066655533

Description: The National Identity number Verification service is used to verify the authenticity of a NIN by matching a phone number against the first name, last name and date of birth of the customer.

Authorization Header: (Your Access-key)
Request Parameter Description Example
phone number Your client registered mobile number 08038205***
Request Parameter Type Description
Description String This is a description of the response received
See Parameter Sample
"phoneno”: "08066655533"
Response sample: 200
  "Message": "Successful",
  "apiVersion": "v1",
  "data": { 
     "firstname": "string",
      "birthdate": "string",
      "email": "string",
      "employmentstatus": "string",
      "gender": "string",
      "maidenname": string,
      "maritalstatus": string,
      "middlename": string,
      "nin": "string",
      "nspokenlang": "string",
      "othername": string,
      "pfirstname": string,
      "photo": "string",
      "pmiddlename": string,
      "profession": "string",
      "psurname": string,
      "religion": "string",
      "residence_AdressLine1": "string",
      "residence_AdressLine2": "string",
      "residence_Town": "string",
      "residence_lga": "string",
      "residence_state": "string",
      "residencestatus": "string",
      "signature": "string",
      "surname": "string",
      "telephoneno": "string",
      "title": "string",
      "trackingId": "string",
  "error": null
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