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BVN Full Details Service (*UNAVAILABLE)


URL: https://credequityapi.com/CredBvn/api/v1/Bvn/GetCustomerBvn

Description: The BVN Full Details Service is used to confirm the authenticity of a BVN and/or phone number by matching any one or more of the request against the last name and date of birth of the customer.

Authorization Header: (Your Access-key)
Request Parameter Description Example
phone number Your client registered mobile number 08038205***
Bvn Your client Bank Verification Number 22141824***
Request Parameter Type Description
Description String This is a description of the response received
Sample: Insert in the JSON body of the request
"bvn”: "22141824619",
"phoneno”: "08066655533"
Response sample: 200
  "Message": "Successful",
  "apiVersion": "v1",
  "data": { 
     "firstName": "Emeka", [customers firstName] 
     "middleName": "Aminu", [customers middleName] 
     "lastName": "Olajubu", [customers lastName] 
     "dateOfBirth": "1960-10-01", [customers dateOfBirth] 
     "phoneNumber1": "08034565412", [customers phoneNumber1] 
     "phoneNumber2": "07044433376", [customers phoneNumber2] 
     "registrationDate": "2017-10-01", [bvn registrationDate] 
     "enrollmentBank": "BG Bank", [bank bvn was Registered] 
     "enrollmentBranch": "Lekki", [branch bvn was Registered] 
     "email": "e.tobi@mail.com", [customers Email] 
     "gender": "male", [customers Gender] 
     "levelOfAccount": "2", [customers levelOfAccount] 
     "lgaOfOrigin": "Isoko North", [customers lgaOfOrigin] 
     "lgaOfResidence": "Eti-osa", [customers lgaOfResidence] 
     "maritalStatus": "Single", [customers maritalStatus] 
     "nin": "222222333333", [customers nin] 
     "nameOnCard": "Emeka Olajubu", [customers nameOnCard] 
     "nationality": "Nigerian", [customers Nationality] 
     "residentialAddress": "1, B strt, Lekki", [customers residentialAddress] 
     "stateOfOrigin": "Delta", [customers stateOfOrigin]
     "stateOfResidence": "Lagos", [customers stateOfResidence] 
     "title": "Mr", [title prefixing customersName]
     "watchListed": "No", [customers watchlist Status]
     "bvn": "22326999521", [customers bvnNumber]
     "base64Image": "base64string" [customers passportImage]
  "error": string
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