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Description: The Drivers License Number Verification service is used to verify the authenticity of a driver’s Licence Number by matching a License Number against the last name and date of birth of the customer.

Authorization Header: (Your Access-key)

<tr>Request ParameterTypeDescription

Request Parameter Description FRSC
First Name Your client First Name Required
Last Name Your client Last Name Required
Phone Number Your client Phone Number Required
FRSC ID Number Your client driver’s license number Required
Request Parameter Type Description
Description String This is a description of the response received
See Parameter Sample
"firstname”: "Babatunde",
"lastname”: "Ajileye", 
"phoneNo”: "08066655533", 
"frscidentityNo”: "EKY07019ABO1"
Response sample: 200
  "Message": "Successful",
  "apiVersion": "v1",
  "data": { 
    "Licenseno": "100000001", 
    "Firstname": "", 
    "Lastname": "", 
    "Gender": "Male", 
    "Birthdate": "08-03-1992", 
    "IssuedDate": "08-03-1992",
    "ExpiryDate": "08-03-1994",
    "StateOfIssue": "Lagos",
    "Photo": "base64Image"
  "error": null
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