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Credit Bureau Service (ONLINE)


URL: stName=Aderonke

Description: This service shines light into your clients’ financial background, helping reveal personal payment history, lending, and credit worthiness.

Request Parameter Description Example
phone number Your client registered mobile number 081*******
Customer first name Your client First name Aderonke


Request Parameter Type Description 
Description String This is a description of the response received.
"PhoneNo”: "08039165485"
"FirstName”: "Aderonke"
Response sample: 200
  "Message": "Successful",
  "apiVersion": "v1",
  "data": { 
     "FullName": "string", 
     "DateOfBirth": "string", 
     "Gender": "string", 
     "Bvn": "string", 
     "Phonenumber": "string", 
     "LinkedEmail”: "string", 
     "IsLoan”: "string", 
     "LinkedAccounts”: "string", 
     "LoanAmounts”: "string", 
     "LastUpdatedDate”: "string", 
     “Score”: “string”, 
     “Delinquency”: “string”, 
     "PerformanceSummary": [
     "ACCOUNT_BALANCE": "string", 
     "APPROVED_AMOUNT": "string", 
     "DATA_PRDR_ID": "string", 
     "FACILITIES_COUNT": "string", 
     "INSTITUTION_NAME": "string", 
     "OVERDUE_AMOUNT": "string", 
     "PERFORMING_FACILITY": "string"
  "error": null

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