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Address Verification (ONLINE)



Description: This service is used to confirm the authenticity of a person’s address and to also confirm if the customer stays in the address provided.

Authorization Header: (Your Access-key)

<tr>Request ParameterTypeDescription

Request Parameter Type Description
Description String This is a description of the response received
See Parameter Sample
"applicant": { 
"firstname": "John", 
"lastname": "Doe", 
"phone": "08060000001"
},"street": "23, John Boomg Street", 
"landmark": "Luke Telcominication",
"lga": "Ikorodu",
"state": "lagos"
Response sample: 200
  "message": "Successful",
  "apiVersion": "v1", 
  "data": { 
    "status": "IN PROGRESS", 
    "subStatus": "IN PROGRESS", 
    "state": "IN_PROGRESS", 
    "id": "1"
"error": null
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